Sunday, April 10, 2011

Relay for Life and a Recipe

This past weekend was Relay for Life at Penn State! To kick things off, we had a spaghetti dinner and I made the best part of any meal, dessert (or as weezy might say dizzert).

Since the reasonably priced and HUGE (the picture doesn't do justice) strawberries have me dreaming of flip flops, I decided to make something summer-esq (yes mom, I realize that technically isn't a word). I also secretly hoped it would tell the rain to back OFF for the weekend, but that failed...miserably.

The recipe is pretty self explanatory (pound cake and strawberries on skewers), except for the frosting, which I took off How Sweet It Is (a daily favorite of mine) - Strawberry and Cream Cake Kabobs.

Exceeeept, I felt like the icing was missing a little som-something. So I channeled my inner Paula Dean, which is not very hard these days, and added some butter. Perfection. I recommend no more than 1/8th of a stick.

The kabobs were a huge hit, and I'm still slurping up the icing as we speak...its that good :)

Oh, and relay? Yes, we got wet. Yes, we got muddy. YES, we had fun AND raised money for the American Cancer Society.

I even got really ambitious and made egg mcmuffins for the team in the am. Chipotle Cheddar Cheese made all the difference. Take that McDonalds.

I think the spice even scared the rain away long enough for a dry picture...

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