My name is amanda and I'm obsessed with the color yellow. If I could, I would live on a boat. I admire (among others) Jesus, Michael Jackson, Maya Angelou, Chelsea Handler, Lil Wayne, Julia Child and Barack Obama. My life list includes swimming with an orca and traveling to Africa. I'm currently a grad student at Penn State, but will be taking on the real world in May. Oh, and I love to bake anything...fatty and sweet.

Friends, (they're the forever kind).

My Family, simply THE best.

Turn my TV on at any moment and I'll bet you, a lot of money, you'll find the food network. Check the top of my refrigerator at any moment and I'll bet you, a lot more money, you'll find some sort of freshly baked item that I whipped up while watching the food network. Now, look inside my freezer and I'll bet you the most money of all, that it will be stocked full of Lean Cuisines and frozen anything else that takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds in my microwave. This is where the problem lies. This is where my recip-e-xperiments will provide some comedy and some great recipes as I cook my way out of frozen meals. For those of you scientifically wired, I am the dependent factor, not the recipes.